About The Author

Sach D. Oliver

Have you met Sach? Sach brings out the best in people and he hopes this book brings out the best in you for your clients. Sach teams up with lawyers across the country on 18-wheeler cases and has experienced historical results for clients and co-counsels. Growing up on a cattle ranch in rural Arkansas, Sach brings a personality and style to depositions and trial that the profession has never seen. Saddle up.

What Others Are Saying

“Finally, a book that will help you take your deposition skills to a higher level, but more importantly, show you how to use the transcript to maximize your client’s recovery.”

—Charles Allen, former member of the Board of Directors for the Birth Trauma Litigation Group

“If this book does not get you fired up to work hard for your clients, nothing will! The Depositions Are Trial methodology ensures that you and your team are maximally prepared for every step of your case from discovery depositions to real-world trial scenarios. This is an essential resource for lawyers of every experience level and will provide the foundation you need to be the best advocate for your clients. There is no substitute.”

—Nathan Colombo

“Sach Oliver’s Depositions Are Trial is a must-read for anyone who wants to achieve great results in their cases. The book both sets out the theory and gives practical, real-world examples of how to work up a case to get the best possible outcome. Reading this book will make you a better lawyer.”

—Michael Cowen, host of the Trial Lawyer Nation podcast, and author of Big Rig Justice

“I had the good fortune of meeting Sach Oliver years before that fateful Easter Sunday morning so eloquently described in this masterful work. I knew then that he had special gifts and talents as a lawyer and teacher. This book is the real deal. I have seen these practices in action. They work. We should all develop the same systems in our practices.”

—Paul Ford, past president of the Craighead County Bar Association

“Sach offers a deep dive into his practice and current methods, while providing specific examples that helped me gain perspective and creativity on existing cases. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a voir dire, opening, closing, direct, or cross-examination by Sach, this book takes you there. More than that, it puts you squarely into the planning stages. Sach shares his early focus methodology and how he implements this information from the time the complaint is filed to closing. What works for him is universal to the plaintiff’s practice. It will help you avoid pitfalls and identify important winning case themes.”

—John D. Giddens, named to Mid-South Super Lawyers, 2009-2010 and 2014-2020

“Sach Oliver is a peerless litigator, and Depositions Are Trial must be in your arsenal. Sach deconstructs the skills necessary to win your case through easy-to-follow steps and examples founded on proven methods. This book is a roadmap to maximizing your case through depositions while taking your practice to a new level.”

—Thomas D. Graham

“Depositions Are Trial is the rare book that is a perfect mix of established principles and new techniques. Sach has laid out the blueprint of the successful personal injury case in the modern world. If you are looking for an updated approach on how to build a case, this is it.”

—Geoff Hamby, member of the Arkansas Bar Association Board of Trustees

“Sach Oliver delivers information about depositions in an interesting way that’s unlike any other attorney. Let’s face it, depositions are usually a dreaded form of legal practice and at times we all go through the motions. I now know a better way that will incorporate human emotions and empathy and help with my soft cross. I know I am now a better lawyer for reading this book.”

—Darryl Isaacs, host of the Ask the Hammer podcast

“Depositions Are Trial is like a truth serum for justice! Sach Oliver’s techniques are incredibly effective in planning, taking, and using your deposition for huge results. There is no better book out there to help trial lawyers get to the truth at arguably the most important stage of the case.”

—Marc Johnston, named to The Best Lawyers in America® 2022 list in Insurance Law and Product Liability – Plaintiffs

“Sach Oliver’s Depositions Are Trial provides trial lawyers with an instruction guide to elevating their personal injury case to the next level. He has created and perfected a system that generates results from the creativity, tenacity, teamwork, and humble spirit that he brings to each case he handles. Many of us glamorize cowboys in our youth, but let those ideals evaporate when we reach adulthood. Sach has held onto his cowboy roots and turned those values and lessons into his Depositions Are Trial strategy. He does this all while securing justice for victims of wrongdoers.”

—Taylor King, named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers

“Every single page of Depositions Are Trial kept me hungry for more! The flow was spectacular and the personal stories intertwined with the teachings were just enough to keep me hooked and not too much to distract me. A fun, brilliant, and engaging read!”

—Samuel W. Mason, past president of the Benton County Bar Association

“Depositions Are Trial is a book every trial lawyer should have in their library, mind, and while deposition planning. I have been a trial lawyer for more than 50 years, but when you get too old to learn, it is time to retire. This book is a great teaching tool, and I will implement its concepts immediately.”

—Bobby McDaniel, past president of Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association

“There are few legal books that rise to the level of “essential reading” for serious trial lawyers. Sach Oliver’s book, Depositions Are Trial, is sure to be one of them. The methodologies in Depositions Are Trial are groundbreaking.”

—Travis T. Mohler, named Top 40 under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers (2012)

“Sach Oliver brings a fresh modern approach to depositions with his Depositions Are Trial method that will have you taking better depositions immediately regardless of whether you are a new attorney or well into your career. The philosophies he presents coupled with his focus on visual planning and cutting-edge technology will result in dozens of trial-ready deposition clips that will also positively influence the defense's settlement evaluation in your cases. This book will completely change how you prepare for and take depositions and is a must-read for any trial lawyer.”

—Brian Mohs, voted as a Super Lawyers Rising Star (2015 – 2020)

“I wholeheartedly endorse Sach Oliver’s outstanding book, Depositions Are Trial. With great clarity and depth of insight, Sach provides a comprehensive guide to deposition practice that is essential for legal practitioners at all levels. This book offers invaluable strategies, from deposition preparation to advanced deposition techniques, making it an indispensable resource for those looking to excel in the art of depositions. Sach’s expertise shines through, making this book a must-have addition to any attorney’s library.”

—Kevin D. Swenson, member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum®